Ancient Mayan Tradition/Temazcal

This is the cornerstone of our wellness trip to Cholula, México (Jaslico state).

This shamanic tradition is known as a ‘rebirthing’. The cave you enter for the water purification (sauna) ceremony is considered re-entering the womb. The process releases from your body, all of the old and stale waters you’ve been carrying around throughout your entire life.

Our shaman, Don Pablo, comes from a long line of traditional Mayan healers who originated in Nayarit, México. His temazcal ceremony is Authentic and Effective. Doña Maria, our shamana, brings her years of healing experience and tender loving care to the process.

The Ceremony starts with a fire circle where you release anything unwanted. The shamans guide you with prayers, dustings, chants, music and answering any questions. Then you enter the cave and the cleansing begins.

The ceremony takes about 2 1/2 hours with breaks in-between to cool down and refresh with tea and fruits. However, at any time during the process, you are free to leave the ceremony and just sit outside by the lake and relax. The effects of being in that rejuvenating environment will still help to heal you.

Men should wear loose shorts and ladies too along with a cami bra top. Flip flops, a bandana for your head and a large bath towel are necessary. There are comfortable cabana rooms for changing and resting, also bathrooms.