Discover the Magic of Cholula, México

In México, the designation of a town as a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) is an honorific because this title is only given to select towns that meet strict requirements. One requirement, obviously, is that it be ‘magical’. Cholula rises to the appellation in Spades. Of course, magical probably means different things to different people. Below I will explain to you why Cholula is #1 on my magic town VIP list and you’ll also see why ALL of my trips start there 🤗.

Exploring the Magical Energy of Cholula 🎆

For my Gringas locas (💙 México) Travel group, the magic of Cholula begins BIG with its Great Pyramid, the world’s largest! In fact, the whole town sits on top of this structure. So just showing up in town is basically enough to reap the magical benefits of the pervasive pyramidal energy-a major beneficial Activator. And this is important Why? Because those energies contain the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space or ether which represent the physical and energetic qualities of the human body and of the physical world.

Who knew? The ebb and flow of these 5 elements influence our mental, physical, and emotional bienestar-wellbeing. In fact, they represent oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus which comprise 99% of the human body.

A Rich Historical and Cultural Hub 🎆

Cholula is the oldest town in the Americas and was once a commercial, cultural, and spiritual hub. Like Rome, all roads led there once upon a time.

The Beauty of Cholula: A Feast for the Eyes

Cholula is often referred to, not just by me, as the most beautiful of the magic towns. Come and see for yourself…pyramids, magic, beauty, and history. I rest my case. But wait, there’s more.

A Trip with the KISMIF Principle: Keep It Simple Make It Fun 😊

Our trips follow the KISMIF Principle: Keep It Simple Make It Fun 😊. So of course, there’s sightseeing (museums, churches galore (reputedly 365 of them), shopping, tequila, and mezcal tastings, healthy food options (optional), a Mayan Cleansing Ceremony at a 5***** restaurant, Cholula by night which includes a night of salsa (the dance) at a jazz club with a very good local band. Holistic treatments and products are on offer as well as ‘healing waters’. And if you are so inclined you can even have your Astrocartography chart done showing you, based on your natal birth chart, what energies are lined up for you there. Ok, that’s the Fun part.

The Simple part is the following. Cholula is a Very Walkable town. Everything and I really do mean EVERYTHING, is within walking distance to our chosen hotel. Also, although our tours are already small, intimate, and planned affairs, you are free to pick and choose activities on your own, hang out with new friends or partners, or with the group. It’s your call and your budget. You can check out our event page on the website. There’s a short video at the bottom of the Event page. And last but not least, we support the local economy and their small business community.

Join us on this extraordinary October trip to Cholula, México, a Pueblo Mágico that promises an enchanting experience filled with history, magic, and celebration during the Annual Day of the Dead festivities. Embrace the beauty, culture, and well-being that this ancient town has to offer, and discover why it’s our top pick for magical adventures 🎆!

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