The COSMOSPHERE Has 💌 For You!

I believe the best place to start on Your cosmic life journey is with the DIVINE blueprint for your life–your natal astrology birth chart. Not having your natal chart is like walking into your ‘Lifetime’ movie at intermission: You might have the popcorn but not the PLOT. Of course, tarot and other divination tools are great adjuncts to astrology. In fact, in my consultative work, in addition to astrology, I use numerology, tarot, the pendulum, and, of course, my intuitive abilities. All coming under the holistic umbrella of honoring the connection between mind (emotion), body and spirit. 🙏

Welcome to the cosmic new Age of Aquarius!

“Every reading is a MAGICAL 💥 Activation Point 💥. But you must take positive action to bring about change”. So bring the BEAUTY, bring the 🌬 MAGIC and be the LOVE 💓 so your life will truly be the gift that keeps on giving…

REVIEW by O.R.: “Before I had my consultation(s) with LB, I was striving to find more answers regarding my path and purpose. I’ve always known that the Universe works in mysterious but meticulous ways. When she reviewed my Natal and Saturn Return charts, I became immediately more attuned to the goings-on in my life. Some months later, LB’s readings became more apparent. Although the needed changes in my life are daunting, I feel more grounded, and I have a better sense of how to handle things given her assistance in helping me understand myself and my path better.”

Customer’s Feedback